Visual Artists Create Abstract Self Portraits Using AI

Visual Artists Create Abstract Self Portraits Using AI

We recently challenged ai artists to create abstract self-portraits using starryai. Here is a showcase of the best entries from the round.

What is #starryaiweekly

Artists are usually not born, they’re made.

One of the ways to make an artist is to challenge them, which is why we created a weekly art challenge to help our starnauts, our community members, better their artistic craft and expand their creative horizons.

Every Thursday, we announce a theme or a prompt and give our members till the following Wednesday to submit their artwork generated via starryai.

Once the challenge is closed, the team then chooses 8 candidates and their best submission to be put up for a vote. The top 4 voted artworks are announced as the winners of the People’s Picks along with another 4 as Editor’s Picks, ones personally chosen by our Chief Aesthete.

The 8 winners are all rewarded with 100 credits each to keep them going on their artistic journey.

Ai Generated Self Portraits, a New-Age Self-Expression

In our latest #starryaiweekly round, we asked our starnauts to create an abstract self-portrait.

While the reasons may vary, it can be confidently said that one of the best form of self expression is one where the artist tries to create a visual representation of themselves.

Self-portraits have been a key form of self-expression in the entire history of art. From da Vinci and Durer to Kahlo and van Gogh, artists throughout history have taken a dab at portraying how they see themselves at least once.

Hence, we decided why not ask ai artists to show us how they see themselves. We also threw in the theme abstract to spice things up a bit- because while self-portraits have been vogue throughout history, with the invention of the front camera that gave rise to the selfie era, it may not be as artistically expressive as it used to be.

Other than the theme and the prompt, the artists were given complete freedom as to how they wanted to approach the assignment. Some of the ai artists opted to use an initial image of themselves for starryai to work with. While others chose to use text prompts alone to describe how they envision themselves.

The results?


People’s Picks

neon-style abstract portrait generated via starryai
Self Portrait
abstract self portrait of a woman generated via starryai
That Girl I Once Knew. Spoiler Alert. It’s Me. I’m The Girl.
abstract self portrait of a woman inspired by jackson pollock generated via starryai
Self Portrait, Jackson Pollock Style
Mosaic style self portrait of a man generated by starryai
Scrap Paper Portrait
abstract image of a woman generated by starryai
Abstract Self-Portrait

Editor’s Picks

glass mosaic inspired abstract self portrait generated via starryai
An Abstract
abstract self portrait generated via starryai

Self Portrait

There’s More Where It Came From

This isn’t the first time we have tried to push the boundaries of our members at the starryai way, our Discord community. In fact, in one of the recent rounds, we asked starnauts to modernize traditional artwork by recreating their chosen artwork in starryai. What a ride that one was!

In another round, we challenged the ai artists to create artworks based on the Surrealism movement. That was a trippy one.

All in all, our hope with this weekly challenge is to continue to inspire our members and ai artists to keep pushing their artistic boundaries and to keep their creative juices flowing.

Join Us In The Next Round!

If you’re looking for a fun way to keep yourself inspired, join us in our next #starryaiweekly round. Not only will you be given a fun challenge to work on but you’ll also get to meet some interesting (and might we say, amazing?) creatives in the field, all the while having a chance at winning some free credits.

The next round goes live on Thursday, so head to the starryai way to see what the new challenge entails.

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