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Easiest way to start creating NFT Art using Artificial Intelligence. Start creating in minutes!

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starryai. lets you create incredible works of art using Artificial Intelligence. Generate AI art simply by describing what you want to see and our AI transforms your words into art. 
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You can generate up to 5 Free artworks each day. No watermarks!

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Full Ownership

You have full ownership of all your creations*! Use them for your next NFT project or print them out.
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Customize your creations to your liking. starryai gives you the ability to choose from a variety of different models, styles, aspect ratios and initial images.

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State of the Art Methods

starryai. uses the latest methods in AI to assist you in art creation. We regularly update our models so your creations keep improving!

"This super app makes playing with text prompt generated AI NFT incredibly easy and approachable. Seamless interface and functionality. Happy with resulting pics thus far. I have been exploring other ways to generate NFT AI Art so I know how complex it can be."
backyard_circus - Appstore user

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4.7 Stars (iOS)

We've worked hard to bring NFT AIArt creation to mobile, saving you time & money.
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Create AI Generated NFT's

starryai is an AI art generator app which you can use to create NFT's. You simply enter a text prompt and our AI transforms your words into works of art. 

AI Art generation is usually a laborious process which requires technical expertise, we make that process simple and intuitive.

starryai is available for free on iOS and Android. Join thousands of GAN artists. Try it out today! 

AI Painting example

John Yorke

Author of 'Red maple' and former Big Five editor, currently working as literary agent at Qualms Literary. His latest book, 'I'll bring you storms' is out on Amazon this fall. You can find him on the web at and on Twitter posting pictures of his corgi at @JohnYorke08
7 years of experience in the publishing industry. 2 successful YA novels.

Loved by our users

In love with this!

This app has become a part of my morning coffee ritual, thinking up creative prompts for the AI while I sip. The options allow you to point the AI in interesting directions, and it creates something interesting about as often as it doesn’t.

App Store User

Fun and useful in many ways

I found the app when I saw an image online created with an “AI photo generator” the poster of the image said that they made the image with Starryai. I downloaded the app and tried it immediately. At first I was not satisfied with the results. The images were too random, and the generation options didn’t fix that. I figured I would keep trying, thought the results weren’t promising… until now. The ability to choose an image to start had vastly improved the quality of the images and is extremely satisfactory. Overall, the app is a great concept with a great execution, and it is fun and useful in many ways.
quesadilla dude
App Store User

This app is great

Almost don’t wanna give it a review so It doesn’t get more attention, but it is deserved. Great range of art styles and every one looks so cool I love it.
App Store User

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