Content & Community Guidelines

1. Be Respectful and Safe
Do not attempt to share images depicting nudity, partial nudity, extreme violence, racism, or could otherwise cause harm. starryai does not allow the following:

Content that promotes hate, violence, harassment, or racism toward an individual or group of any race, sex, creed, national origin, disability, body type, religious affiliation, age, language, sexual orientation, gender identity, financial status or, political affiliation.

Nudity, partial nudity, sexual acts, sexual services, or content otherwise meant to arouse sexual excitement.
Please note that Google and Apple's policies prohibit us from generation of such images. You can read more about the prohibition at Google’s Safety Page.

Illegal activity
Content that directly or indirectly facilitates or promotes the sale, distribution, or use of any tobacco products, illegal drugs, narcotics, weapons, ammunition, explosive materials or fireworks, excessive alcohol consumption, or alcohol use by minors.
Please note that a substance being legal in one country does not make it legal globally.

Bodily fluids, obscene gestures, excessive blood and gore or other profane subjects that may shock or disgust.

Suicide, cutting, eating disorders, and other attempts at harming oneself.

Unsolicited bulk content.

2. Be Supportive

One of our brand pillars at starryai is community. As creators and artists, we believe that community is a pillar that supports our creative endeavors. As such, we ask that you be a supportive member of our starryai community.
You can show your support in the following ways:

Critiques & Feedbacks
We encourage our users to not only create great works but also share them even if they aren’t up to par with their expectations. We do so mainly due to our hope that other creatives would come together and critique the works constructively to help the creator. Therefore, it is our hope you’d provide constructive, gentle feedbacks and critiques to help users better their works.

Open Settings
while sharing is caring, keeping your settings open is not a requirement. As community members we tend to learn from one another. Therefore, we ask that you keep your settings open when sharing some of your works so others can learn from your works. While not required, it is considered a kind gesture to support newer members on their ai art journey.

Offering a Helping Hand
If you witness a user struggling on the app or in the community, please do lend them a helping hands. If you’re unable to help, please direct them to someone who’d be able to help. This could be another community member or our support team.

We also ask you refrain from abusive, profane and rude behaviours. Please keep your interactions respectful and constructive.

3. Be Authentic
As artists and creators it is imperative that we come from a place of integrity. We do not appreciate disingenuous behaviours and will take actions against users who engage in activities that undermine the genuineness of our platform, including, but not limited to, the following behaviours:
- Impersonating another person(s) or entity(s)
- Fake or misleading information on your profile
- Falsely claiming attribution to another creator’s work

4. Report Abuse
If you experience abuse or witness another user abusing or being abused, please report to the support team immediately either directly through the app or by contacting support.

5. Enforcement
We may take down content that violates these guidelines and we reserve the right to take further action on your starryai account.

Create Art with AI

starryai. lets you create incredible works of art using Artificial Intelligence. Generate AI art simply by describing what you want to see and our AI transforms your words into art. 

John Yorke

Author of 'Red maple' and former Big Five editor, currently working as literary agent at Qualms Literary. His latest book, 'I'll bring you storms' is out on Amazon this fall. You can find him on the web at and on Twitter posting pictures of his corgi at @JohnYorke08
7 years of experience in the publishing industry. 2 successful YA novels.

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