How To Use AI to Generate & Sell Art Prints Online

How To Use AI to Generate & Sell Art Prints Online

A collection of recipes to generate beautiful art prints to sell online

AI art doesn’t need to be solely digital. It can be used to make beautiful physical art prints to sell t-shirts, mugs and to decorate spaces and enhance the ambiance.

In fact, it can even be a fun, lucrative business if you’re into selling art prints online. The key is to create ai artworks that will help complement spaces by oozing out positive energy. This can sometimes we hard when making art with the assistance of AI which is why we curated a set of recipes to help you render wonderful AI imagery which you can print out, frame & sell art prints as a side hustle- but hey it can also quickly turn into your main hustle if you work hard enough ;)

Recipe# 1: Fantasy Architecture (Altair)

If your main jam has always been fantasy & whimsical imagery, then this recipe is all you need to kickstart your printing gig.

This recipe will get you ethereal, mesmerizing architectural forms that are sure to enliven spaces that are meant to house creativity and wonder.

Prompts: “Rococo Architecture” “Art Nouveau” “Fantasy” “Disney” “Building” “Castle” “Tower” “Cottage” “Ethereal” “Magical” “Ornamental”

Settings: Artstation / DeviantArt / Flemish Baroque / Art Deco / Behance / Illustration

Runtime: 200 / 400

Process: Altair

AI rendered artwork of a castle floating in the sky
Surreal Castle In the Clouds

Recipe# 2: Fantasy Architecture (Orion)

Prompts: “Rococo Architecture” “Art Nouveau” “Fantasy” “Disney” “Building” “Castle” “Tower” “Cottage” “Ethereal” “Magical” “Ornamental”

Settings: Felix Kelly / Artstation / Matte / Cinema 4D

Runtime: 200 - 600

Process: Orion

ai generated art of a castle
AI generated image of a castle

Recipe# 3: Japanese Architecture (Altair)

Want to give your art prints a little bit of panache to stand out from the crowd? How about vibrant Japanese architecture?

Japanese art aesthetic has been inspiring all other cultural arts for aeons and it’s no wonder. There is just something hypnotizing about the soft yet bold brush strokes, the vibrancy of the colours that mesh with each other like two waves and the simplicity of the dynamic forms.

This recipe will generate you some incredible Japanese architectural AI artworks that would make for some wonderful art prints to sell on, say, Japanese paper? ;)

Prompts: “Japanese Architecture” “Japan Buildings” “Nihon kenchiku” “zen”

Settings: Artstation, Art Deco, Ukiyo-e

Runtime: 200 - 400

Process: Altair

ai generated artwork of japanese inspired architecture
Japanese Inspired Architecture

Recipe# 4: Gothic Monochrome (Orion)

Colour may not be everyone’s thing and that’s okay. Sometimes we need some monochromatic aesthetic to help bring out the colour of the spaces themselves.

This set of recipe will help you export some eerie, gothic, monochromatic AI artworks.

Prompts: “Gothic Monochrome” “Greyscale” “Romanesque” “Architecture” “Cathedral” “Ornament”

Settings: Felix Kelly / Artstation

Runtime: 250 - 600

Process: Orion

ai generated Black and white illustration of a woman looking in the mirror
Black and white illustration of a woman looking in the mirror

Recipe# 5: Astronomy / Celestial

You know what’s better than larger than life prints to sell? Astronomical and celestial, larger-than-life art prints ;)

Nothing helps make a space grander than large art prints of the Cosmos. This set of AI art recipe will allow you to generate cosmic imagery (no pun intended) that is sure to sky rocket your art prints selling business (again… no pun intended).

Prompts: “Solar System” “Solar Flares” “Planetary” “Lunar” “Spirals”

Settings: Felix Kelly or Nat Geo + Artstation + Matte Painting

Runtime: 250 or 600

Process: Orion

ai rendered celestial artwork
Celestial image of planet floating in space
ai generated outer space image
Outer space image of two planets

Recipe# 6: Retro Vintage

Retro vintage will never go out of style. Whether it's on a t-shirt or a poster, retro artworks always have a way of standing through the test of times. This recipe will allow you to render fun, vibrant retro vintage imagery to print for sell.

Prompts: “Retro” “vintage” “retro vintage” “neon retro” “antique” “classic” “west coast” “diner” “car” “club” “drive-in”

Settings: Artstation / Felix Kelly

Runtime: 250 - 600

Process: Orion.

ai generated image of a city
Urban scene showcasing a car parked with a crowd
ai generated art of a tropical city
Tropical urban scene showcasing palm trees and robots

Recipe# 6: Watercolour

Sometimes, the best way to do things is to do it the traditional way. Watercolour art prints and imagery has always been the go-to for wall decor for centuries.

The soft, pastel colours, meshing into each other and the airy aesthetic always helps calm the aura of the spaces they inhabit.

This set of recipe will get you the most inspiring,


“Watercolor art” “Aquarelle art” “faded watercolor” “soft watercolor” “opaque watercolor background”

Orion styles:

Artstation / Felix Kelly / Johan Grenier / James Gurney

Altair styles:

Artstation / Speed Painting / Watercolor / Matte Painting


250 - 600

Orion examples:

ai rendered watercolour painting of jellyfish
Jellyfish watercolour painting

Altair examples:

ai rendered watercolour painting
Floral watercolour painting
ai rendered pastel watercolour painting
Pastel themed watercolour painting

What’s Next?

Now that you have picked your aesthetic & art style for your art prints, go wild, my friend!

You’ll want to experiment a ton in terms of art prints. Now, of course, there is the easy route and then there is the not-so-easy route. You (almost) always get what you invest, so consider which business model works best for you.

The easiest way to start and sell art prints online is to consider print-on-demand drop-shipping. Some brands that offer this service are **Printful** & Printify, both of which easily integrate with Shopify and offer a wide range of products from t-shirts and caps to mugs and wall decor. All you’d have to do is create your AI art, upload them on the web and when the order comes, you simply sit and relax while the drop-shipping services do the rest.

If you’re just looking to start a side hustle and see where it takes you, then this is the best path to follow. However, there is always a catch. Using print-on-demand and drop-shipping services would mean that you have zero to little control of the quality of your art prints and products. If you’re looking to build a brand that stands the test of time & cultivates a brand name, then this route may not be the best one to take.

For those who are looking to build a brand that is a masterpiece then you’ll want to do things a little differently. The stakes will be higher but so would the reward. You’d want to either invest in good printing equipment or partner up with a quality printing service that is on par with your expectations. You’d also want to ensure the quality of the paper, clothing, or whatever item it is you’re selling online is also top notch and that no detail is spared when it comes to the quality & beauty of your product.

Need More Support on Your Creativepreneurial Journey?

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