#starryai AI Art Challenge Roundup: The Great Myths

#starryai AI Art Challenge Roundup: The Great Myths

A round up of TOP 12 selections for this week's #starryaiweekly theme: The Great Myths

What is #starryaiweekly AI Art Challenge?

#starryaiweekly is a weekly ai art challenge to keep your creative neurons active and in check. Every Monday, we host a vote to pick the week’s theme and prompt. The highest voted theme is then announced on Thursday at 11AM EST and our members have a week to generate artworks via our AI art generating app, starryai, and submit them on our Discord community, the starryai way, for a chance to win 100 credits!

Our goal with the art challenge is to have some fun and help inspire one another to create some beautiful AI generated artworks while also giving the chance to win some free credits.

In the past we have hosted a range of themes and prompts to keep the art challenge sharp and fresh for our returning members. From themes such as The Afterlife and The Multiverse to using emoji-only prompts, we have hosted a ton of fun art challenges that help push the creative boundaries of our members.

This week’s highest voted theme was The Great Myths and our members did not disappoint. From portraits of Anubis and Zeus to the landscapes of Asgard and the Olympics, the Ai artworks submitted were surreal to the say the least.

Our Chief Aesthete, who is also the judge for the art challenge, had a pretty hard time trying to pick the final 8 selections to be posted for the People’s Picks vote; not to mention how much harder it was to pick top 4 for Editor’s Picks.

Nonethless, the selections were made, the people picked their favourites and we now have our winners for this round of #starryaiweekly

People’s Picks

AI generated Portrait of Anubis
Portrait of Anubis by BatDan84
Ai generated scene of prometheus stealing fire
Prometheus and the theft of fire by JWinger222
AI generated portrait of medusa
Myth Medusa by Benja23
ai generated image of a golden dragon
Gold Dragon by MrAnhelo

Editor’s Picks

Ai generated portrait of robotic medusa
Cybernetic Medusa was originally sent from the future by mggebriel

Ai generated image of a jade dragon
Jade Dragon
The golden gates image generated via starryai
golden god stands before gate by countyghost
Portrait of Medusa generated via starryai
Gorgon Medusa/detailed/vibrant/dark/beautiful/evil/red by PsychOh


Ai generated portrait of Hades
A Portrait of Hades by EliteDarkKnight
Ai generated portrait of Sybil
Call me, oh man, what you will... Oracle, Sybil, monster. Your fate yet lies in shadow by MandolinOfDahlia
Ai generated image of the great dragon myth
The Great Dragon Myth - Altair by justMFMB

Want to Join the Next Round?

Each round of #starryaiweekly is a special one. Every Thursday at 11AM EST we announce the week’s theme/prompt and members have until Wednesday 11:45AM EST to submit their entries. Join us for the next round by heading to our Discord community and reading up the rules in #starryaiweekly-rules channel. Each week comes with its own unique rules and prompts, so read the rules carefully and ensure that you’re in compliance when submitting your creations.

If you’re feeling extra inspired and have a zest for creating AI artworks, we encourage you to submit a couple and share your magic with us. We love seeing our members’ creations!

So what are you waiting for?! Head to the starryai way and join us in this week’s #starryaiweekly challenge!

See ya there!

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