#starryaiweekly AI Art Challenge Roundup: The Afterlife

#starryaiweekly AI Art Challenge Roundup: The Afterlife

A round up of TOP 12 selections for this week's #starryaiweekly theme: The Afterlife

What is #starryaiweekly?

Ever wished you were a part of a weekly artist cabal where we were all given a new creative challenge to create some AI artworks using starryai & the winners got a fun reward? Well, that’s what #starryaiweekly is all about.

Every week, we host a vote for the upcoming round of #starryaiweekly prompt or theme. The highest voted theme or prompt is then announced every Thursday on our Discord community and members have a week to submit their creations.

On Wednesdays at 12:45PM EST, our Mods & Chief Aesthete pick their favourites & we put 8 of selections up for vote in brackets of four. The top 4 voted ai art creations are then chosen as People’s Picks along with 4 ai art creations chosen as the Editor’s Picks.

Some of the previous themes we have hosted have been the Multiverse, The Ancient Kingdoms, War of the Worlds and the Circus of Enchanting Creatures, among a lot more. Some of the previous prompts we have hosted have been using the Fantasy Recipe, using only the emojis: 🐉💰🏴‍☠️ and other fun challenges.

This week our theme was The Afterlife and our members did not disappoint. From eerie, creepy ai art renders of the Underworld and Hell to calming, tranquil imagery of the Heavens, this round of #starryaiweekly was tremendously dichotomous which is something we thoroughly enjoyed reviewing.

Editor’s Picks

An AI art creation of house on fire in an eerie surrounding depicted as hell
My house in Hell by mggebriel
An AI art creation of what it looks after you die
What does it look like when I'm dead? detailed. abstract. by Dispenser01
An AI art creation of Anubis and the Black Gates
Anubis guards the Black Gates to the Afterlife by rxbinwts
An AI art creation of the lord of death welcoming souls to his realm
The lord of death welcomes souls to his realm by CaffeinatedSentryGnome

People’s Picks

Blissful undersea afterlife; heaven is an infinite blue depth of stillness by allnonsense
Life in Purgatory, mist, dark, lost, style of Anthony S. Waters by ssjRandy
Neverending Waltz by levinthauer
Gates Of Hell by DonnaMichelle707


Moonlit Church where the Dead Dance til Dawn by susieb
He's only mostly dead by PsychOh
The eyes of the afterlife by Sorÿn
The door of afterlife by AIBEN

Want to Join the Next Round?

We’d love for you to join us in our next round of #starryaiweekly. Head to our Discord community and read the current theme & its rules under the channel #starryaiweekly-rules. Once you have your ai art creation ready to submit, simply copy/paste your creation link from the app and post it on the channel #starryaiweekly-submissions.

Oh and remember, the goal with this weekly challenge series is to come together to have fun, explore our creative curiosity regarding ai art generation and to connect with beautiful creative souls who are on the same artful path as you!

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