#starryaiweekly  AI Art Challenge Round Up: The Multiverse

#starryaiweekly AI Art Challenge Round Up: The Multiverse

A round up of TOP 12 selections for this week's #starryaiweekly theme: The Multiverse

What is #starryaiweekly?

If you’re new around our neck of the interwebs, you’re probably confused about what #starryaiweekly really is- we don’t blame ya!

#starryaiweekly is an AI art challenge that we host weekly on our Discord community to have some fun & to give our members a chance to win some sweet, sweet credits.

At the start of each week, we host a vote to pick a theme or a prompt for the week’s challenge. The highest voted theme or prompt is then announced on our Discord channel, #starryaiweekly-rules on Thursdays at 12PM EST. Member then have about a week to submit their ai artworks.

On Wednesdays at 12:45PM we host a vote to select the People’s Picks. The vote is casted in 4 brackets, 8 selections in total. At 5:45PM EST, we close the vote, make our count & announce the winners for the People’s Picks. Our editor also takes her pick which is announced together with the People’s Picks.

This week’s #starryaiweekly theme was the Multiverse. To say that it was challenging to pick this week’s finalists would be a highly understated comment. Nevertheless, we worked hard & were able to select the top 12 finalists, 8 of which were put to a vote. Here they are drum rolls

People’s Picks

ai generated art depicting a portal
by Maki soeurs et frères
Ai art depicting starry souls
by Fluffy
AI art landscape of the afterlife
by Maurice STUDIO
Ai generated art of an
by hammzxx

Editor’s Picks

Ai artwork of a scene in the afterlife
by Doc-Imagery
Ai artwork showcasing a machine from the afterlife
by Past_mood_269
Ai artwork showcasing portals
by Lupo Salice
A scene from the afterlife generated on ai art generating app
by aledemagig


landscape ai generated art of the afterlife
by joeythemonster
the portal to hell generated on ai art generator
by volderen
afterlife scene generated via ai art generator
by Dazai
portals to afterlife images generated via AI art generating app
by Jawgee

Want to Join the Next Round?

Want to join in the next round for a chance to win 100 credits? Join us on our Discord community to submit your entry under the #starryaiweekly-submissions channel. You can always check our #starryaiweekly-rules channel to see what the theme or prompt is for that week’s challenge. We sometimes have special rules and criteria, so we suggest you have a proper read each time you want to submit your ai art creations for the challenge.

Our goal with this weekly challenge is to have some fun & to give our members a chance to win credits so they can continue making some fun AI art magic!

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