#starryai AI Art Challenge Roundup: The Land of Dreams and Nightmares

#starryai AI Art Challenge Roundup: The Land of Dreams and Nightmares

A round up of TOP 12 selections for this week's #starryaiweekly theme: The Land of Dreams and Nightmares

What is #starryaiweekly AI Art Challenge?

Think of #starryaiweekly as your weekly creative nudge. At the start of each week, we host a vote to pick the theme or prompt on our Discord community, the starryai way. The highest voted theme is then announced on Thursday at 11AM EST and our members have till Wednesday the following week to generated ai artworks and submit it for a chance to win 100 credits!

The aim with this weekly challenge is to have some fun while also helping one another stay inspired and to continue creating beautiful AI generated art. We believe that a wholesome community is one that helps push each others' creative boundaries while making it a joyful experience for everyone involved.

Our past themes have ranged from emoji-only challenges to specific themes such as The Multiverse, The Great Myths and The Afterlife among others. We try to host interesting themes and challenges to keep things fresh for our returning members while also encouraging new comers to get in on the fun.

This week’s highest voted theme was The Land of Dreams and Nightmares and our members really understood the assignment. From landscapes of dreamy, ethereal Dreamlands to eerie, mysterious spaces, our members really pushed their creative realms.

Suffice to say, this week's challenge left our Chief Aesthete, aka also the judge, scratching her head more than a handful of times as she struggled to pick the final 8 selections for the People's Picks votes and another 4 for the Editor's Picks.

Nonethless, the selections were made, the people picked their favourites and we now have our winners for this round of #starryaiweekly

People’s Picks

AI generated images of starscapes and a person underneath
The Stargazing Sandman by snapcasey
AI generated images of a castle in the land of dreams and nigh
Art nouveau nightmare castle in the land of dreams and nightmares by PsychOh
AI generated image of a nightmarescape
Dreams reflecting onto a lake of nightmares by Queenmother
Ai generated abstract art reflecting nightmares
A Blood Red Moon from a Nightmare by Sorÿn

Editor’s Picks

AI generated image of a dream macine in a colourful  dreamscape
The highly improbable bad dream machine by allnonsense

AI generated image of a dream
Dreamweaver fable of oculothorax by simplynothing3099
Dreams and Nightmares by DonnaMichelle707
Land of the Dreams and Nightmares by justMFMB


AI generated abstract image of a caregiver reading a story
Bedtime story by Messiahart
Ai generated landscape of a dream place
Dreamed place in the style of Sebastian Luca by aubin
The Dark At The End of Everything by iSoldierofGod
Gothic cathedral castle Art nouveau nightmares and dreams by Jamming

Want to Join the Next Round?

Curious about the whole thing? Why not give it a try! Join us on the next around of #starryaiweekly by heading to the starryai way. Each new round begins on Thursdays at 11AM EST and end on Wednesdays at 12:45PM EST after which we host a vote to choose the People's Picks for the week. The themes and rules are announced under #starryaiweekly-rules channels and the votes are hosted under #vote-starryaiweekly. We suggest to review the rules channels carefully as our themes and prompts come with their own specific restrictions and criteria.

And you know what the best part is? You can go wild, friend! Members often submit multiple entries, critique one another's submission and even fangirl/boy the creations that are constantly shared on the #starryaiweekly-submissions channel. It is truly a whole party!

So what are you waiting for?! Head to the starryai way and join us in this week’s #starryaiweekly challenge!

Excited to see what you create!

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